Joining the Band

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Over the past three years the Band has developed a unique teaching program and we offer a structured tuition program for pipes and drums. We welcome new members at any level.

What do we offer Members?

  • Regular tuition in the Great Highland Bagpipes or drums (side, tenor & bass)
  • Use of Band Instruments
  • Band Tuition Book (inc. tunes)
  • Dress & Drill Practice
  • Majority of band uniform (members are expected to purchase their own shirts, socks/hose and shoes)

What are the costs?
As a student member, you are asked to pay $30 for the first 3 months tuition (payable after 6 weeks). If you then decide to stay after this period, a further $90 must be paid to cover your first years subscription. In addition it is expected you will purchase your own practice chanter (pipers) or drum pad and sticks (side drummers) ($100 approx). Playing members pay an annual membership fee of $120. Social membership is also available ($25 pa).

What do we expect from members?

  • Regular attendance at practice/parades/fundraisers
  • Adherence to Band rules/policies
  • Courtesy & respect to be shown to members of our band and to others while representing the band
  • Help & encouragement to our learners

As an incorporated non-profit organisation, we rely predominantly on the success of fundraising events throughout the year to support the band. As a member you are expected to attend parades & fundraisers regularly.

New Member Tuition
As a learner you will spend the first 6 –12 months learning your instrument before joining the main band. This small group tuition will occur on Monday night, as arranged, for about an hour.

Prior to acceptance as student members of the Band, new members will be under control of:-
(a) Student pipers (to category 1 stage) - Mr Mac Jordan, Mr Matt Holzberger or Mr Andrew Greenham
(b) Student drummers (to category 1 stage) – Mr Gary Webb (sides) or Mr Robert Watling (tenor/bass)
(c) New pipers and drummers (Category 1 to 3 stage) - Band practice plus personal tuition with a Band tutor (Garry Fletcher or Andrew Greenham) or a senior player external to practice night.

For more information email the Band.

Band Training Policy

The objective of the Band's training policy is to develop and to continually improve the capacity of the Band and its members to perform at concerts, parades, displays and competitions. The Band will provide a teaching structure based on a working partnership between the tutor and the member whereby:-

(a) the Band will provide:

  • agreed written standard settings for tunes (including drum beats) with tapes/CD ROMs reinforcing style, tempo, expression and execution standards;
  • peer support for new and inexperienced members;
  • tuition at a time specifically set aside for that purpose.

(b) individual members undertake to:

  • take responsibility for setting and sticking to their individual training programme;
  • only play tunes that they know in the Band situation. If they are not competent in the tune, members should not attempt to play the tune in a Band situation but follow the music on a practice chanter or pad;
  • maintain their instruments in good working order at all times.
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